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The Seminar

The Seminar

To present a country of the United Nations, you will need certain knowledge. Thus, the new “diplomats” gather every Wednesday night (ca. 6pm-9pm) to discuss and learn about topics related to the UN. We usually finish this meeting in the non-political environment of Unitheke.

At first, this seminar will teach you the basics about the United Nations: history, structure and functioning of the UN. After that, we will turn to more specific topics: security, economy, development, as well as the UN’s goals in general. Over the course of this seminar, the participants are going to focus on the country that they eventually represent in New York. They will get to know that country’s domestic and foreign policy, its history, as well as its ambitions with the UN in order to represent it in the most authentic way possible.

The seminar…

will be held mostly in English and is thus a great opportunity to improve your language skills

will, at least partly, consist of presentations prepared by the participants

will be supported by MadMUN alumni, who organize it and on top of that are always happy to offer you a helping hand!

will cover current events happening in the United Nations

prepares you for the various simulations

The first simulation will take place during the semester: more.

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