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How to join MadMUN

First of all, every student at Otto-von-Guericke University who is interested in MadMUN and the United Nations in general is welcome to join us at our information sessions! In order to become a part of the project, it is necessary that you take part in a general knowledge test. After that you’ll be invited to an official interview. We do need this kind of procedure because participation numbers are limited to about 12 people maximum. Therefore, please do consider in advance if you really want to be part of the project, to give others who are truly interested a chance.

Students that are abroad at the time that the test takes place can send us an informal e-mail to

You should also take into account that you will have to contribute about 500 € to the financing part of this project. This money will be mainly spent to pay participation fees, accommodation and food at the three simulations. Please remember that this does not include the costs for your flight to New York or any personal extra expenses. However, we always try and limit the costs down to a minimum. Therefore, at this point, we would like to thank our sponsors.

On top of that you will need to be dressed appropriately (business attire) at the simulations.

As both the seminar and the simulations are held in English, you should have some understanding of basic English knowledge. Furthermore, MadMUN is the perfect environment to improve your English language skills and practice your negotiation skills simultaneously.

However, the most important thing is to be motivated and committed! The seminars (taking place every Wednesday from 6-9pm) will mainly be prepared by the participants. However, the “success” of your assigned country in the simulations depends entirely on you!

We will be around to give you advice and hope you will have a memorable experience at MadMUN! If you are interested, just write an e-mail:


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