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Here you can find all the countries we represented at NMUN-New York:

We provide a list of all NMUN-Awards for you.

MadMUN XVII: Republic of India/Kiribati*

MadMUN XVI: French Republic*

MadMUN XV: Principality of Monaco

MadMUN XIV: People's Republic of China*

MadMUN XIII: Lebanese Republic

MadMUN XII: New Zealand

MadMUN XI: Russian Federation*

MadMUN X: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

MadMUN IX: Republic of Armenia

MadMUN VIII: Arab Republic of Egypt/Holy See*

MadMUN VII: United States of America*/Kyrgyz Republic*

MadMUN VI: Republic of Chile

MadMUN V: Red Cross/Republic of Zambia

MadMUN IV: Hellenic Republic

MadMUN III: Republic of Korea

MadMUN II: Syrian Arab Republic

MadMUN I: Republic of Cyprus

joint delegation with MucMUN

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