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Position Paper

Position Paper der NMUN 2017, India:

Commission on the Status of Women

I. Enhancing Women’s Role in Peace Processes and Political Transitions

II. Realizing the Rights of Indigenous Women

III. Women’s Economic Empowerment in a Changing World of Work


I. Mobilizing Inclusive Partnerships for Sustainable Development

II. Investing in Sustainable Energy for Rural Areas

III. Promoting Sustainable Peace by Addressing the Root Causes of Conflict


I. Youth Leadership and Education for Sustainable Development

II. Ensuring Decent Work for All

III. The Role of Science, Technology, and Innovation in Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals


I. Protecting and Promoting Human Rights to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism

II. Contribution of Firearms Regulation to the Protection of Human Rights

III. Human Rights Violations and Abuses against Rohingya Muslims and Other Minorities in Myanmar


I. Harnessing Data for Sustainable Development

II. The Role of the Private Sector in Promoting Sustainable Development

III. Gender Mainstreaming in Early Recovery Situations


I. Empowering Vulnerable Groups through Access to Information and Communications Technology

II. Sport for Peace and Development

III. Safeguarding World Heritage

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