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Position Paper

African Development Bank

  1. Challenges of Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in War Affected Economies
  2. Policies for Regional Integration in Africa
  3. Promoting Good Governance for Sustainable Human Development

ASEAN Regional Forum

  1. Civil Military Operations in Disaster Response
  2. Regional Maritime Security
  3. Non-traditional Threats to Security

Committee on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

  1. International Cooperation in Combating Transnational Crime
  2. Maximizing the Effectiveness of Technical Assistance Provided to Member States to Combat Terrorism
  3. Promoting International Law in Protecting the Environment

World Health Organization

  1. Twenty-Five years of HIV/AIDS – Evaluating the Epidemic and Global Response
  2. Combating the spread of Avian Influenza
  3. Developing Stockpiles & Distribution Strategies for Anti-Bioterrorism and other Related Agents

Session of the Conference on Disarmament

  1. Preventing an Arms Race in Outer Space
  2. Improving Compliance with Non-proliferation, Arms Limitation and Disarmament Agreements
  3. Non-State Actors and the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Commission on Narcotic Drugs

  1. Building Partnerships in the Reduction of Cross-National Drug Trafficking
  2. Eliminating Drug Supplies through Alternative Development
  3. Developing Drug Information Systems to Ensure Global Comparability

Council of Europe

  1. Abolishing the Trade in Human Beings: Trafficking
  2. Equal Rights and Protection of the Roma
  3. Promoting the Democratic Process in Eastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus States

International Hydrological Program

  1. Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources
  2. Water as an Agent for Cooperation
  3. Urbanization and Water Management Challenges

General Assembly Plenary

  1. Structuring and Implementation of the New Human Rights Council
  2. Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers
  3. Developing International Partnerships to Combat the Spread of Diseases Resulting from Environmental Degradation

United States of America for the ICTY

  1. Karadzic/Mladic “Bosnia and Herzegovina” and “Srebrenica”
  2. Prosecutor v. Mrksic, Radic, and Sljivancanin (Joined Cases, “Vukovar Hospital”)
  3. Prosecutor v. Zejnil Delalic, Zdravko Mucic, Hazim Delic and Esad Landzo (Joined Cases, “Celebici”)

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

  1. Building Institutions for Economic Growth
  2. Creating Grassroots Economies: Developing Credit and Linkages to Social Programs in Rural Areas
  3. Bolstering Regional Macroeconomic Coordination

General Assembly Fourth Committee

  1. Improving Regional Partnerships in Peacekeeping Operations
  2. Economic Activities which Affect the Interest of Peoples of Non-Self-Governing Territories
  3. Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples by the Specialized Agencies and the International Institutions Associated with the United Nations

Economic and Social Council Plenary

  1. Strengthening Reconstruction in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters
  2. National Strategies to Achieve Gender Equality in Employment Opportunities
  3. Use of Information and Communication Technologies in the Advancement of the Development Goals of the Millennium Declaration

Joint OPEC-IEA Workshop

  1. Challenges in Assessing Global Oil Demand Prospects
  2. The Impact of Energy and Environmental Policies on Oil Demand
  3. Evolving Oil Consumption Patterns and Structures in Key Oil Demand Growth Regions

Security Council

  1. Protecting Human Rights after the Darfur Peace Agreement
  2. The Situation in Iran
  3. Timor-Leste: Post-Withdrawal Analysis

World Food Programme

  1. Addressing Food Procurement
  2. Food Distribution in States Subject to Sanction
  3. Food Distribution Considerations to Refugees and in Conflict Zones

Organization of American States

  1. Special Security Concerns of Small Island States
  2. Organization of American States and Free Trade Areas
  3. Evaluating Human Rights in the Americas


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