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Position Paper

General Assembly Plenary

  1. Establishment of Nuclear-Free Zones
  2. International Migration and Development
  3. Financing for Development

General Assembly 3rd Committee

  1. Implications of the Struggle Against Terrorism on Human Rights
  2. Follow-up to the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action (2001)
  3. Social and Humanitarian Situation in Post-War Iraq

Governing Council for the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-HABITAT)

  1. The Role of Women in Human Settlements Development
  2. Access to Basic Services in Cities
  3. Realization of Efficient Urban Governance Practices

The Economic and Social Council Plenary

  1. International Tobacco & Narcotics Control
  2. The Rights of Female Refugees
  3. Human Rights, Democracy, and Development in Myanmar / Burma

High Level Segment

  1. Promoting an integrated approach to rural development in developing countries for poverty eradication and sustainable development

World Intellectual Property Organization

  1. Patent Protection and Access to Pharmaceuticals
  2. Contemporary Challenges of International Intellectual Property Laws and Practices
  3. Traditional Knowledge and Folklore Protection

International Atomic Energy Agency

  1. The IAEA and the DPRK-Steps Toward a More Stable Future
  2. Ensuring Regional Compliance with IAEA Inspections
  3. Atomic Energy and Human Health

Executive Committee of the Programme of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 

  1. Repatriation and Resettlement of Refugee Communities
  2. Ensuring the Delivery of Education and Vocational Programmes for Refugees
  3. The Crisis of Sexual Violence against Refugees

International Criminal Police Organization

  1. The Dismantling of International Terrorist Networks
  2. Combating Illicit Transactions and Crimes of Information Technology
  3. Protection of Protected Works of Art

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  1. NATO Expansion
  2. Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  3. Meeting New Security Threats

European Union

  1. Constitutional Reform
  2. Reforming the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
  3. Developing the European Judicial System: a Common Criminal Code
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