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Position Paper

General Assembly Plenary

  1. Preventing and Combating the International Flow of Illicit Funds
    within the International Business and Trade Regime
  2. Ensuring Civil Rights and Liberties in Times of Non-Traditional Conflict
  3. Strengthening the Role of Information and Communication Technologies for Public Governance

General Assembly 1st Committee

  1. Weapons of Mass Destruction and Non-State Actors
  2. Regional Disarmament Measures
  3. The Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

  1. Intellectual Property Rights
  2. Continuing Barriers to Trade in Agriculture
  3. Regulation and Standards Harmonization

International Law Commission

  1. Risks Ensuing from the Fragmentation of International Law
  2. The Effect of Armed Conflict and Threats to National Security on International Treaties
  3. Rights of Aliens

Commission on Human Rights

  1. Human Rights and Environment
  2. Human Rights Education
  3. The Humanitarian Situation in the Arab- Israeli Territories

ECOSOC Plenary

  1. Coordination of Emergency Humanitarian Assistance
  2. Private Sector Partnership in Development
  3. Access to Prescription Drugs

Crime Congress

  1. Juvenile Justice Reform in Criminal Proceedings: The Restoration of Standards and Norms
  2. Cybercrime
  3. The Environment: Preventing its Victimization through Adherence to Protective Measures

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

  1. Expanding and Improving the Quality of Employment in the ESCAP Region
  2. Implementing Environmental Protection Initiatives and Promoting Sustainable Development
  3. Human Rights in the Asia Pacific Region

Commission for Social Development

  1. The Role of Volunteerism in Social Development
  2. Social Responsibility of the Private Sector
  3. Equalizing Opportunities for People With Disabilities and Protecting Their Human Rights

Special Session on Children 

  1. Children and the Environment
  2. Child Labor: The Plight of Children living in Poverty
  3. The Effect of Sanctions on the Well- Being and Safety of the Child

United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization

  1. Consideration of Democratic Governance Programs Deliberated at the 2002 World Social Forum
  2. UNESCO’s Role in Post Conflict Reconstruction
  3. HIV/AIDS in Africa: A Cultural Approach

United Nations Environmental Program

  1. Environmental Protection and its Interaction with Social and Economic Development
  2. Industry, Economy, and Environment
  3. Urbanization: Threat or Opportunity?

World Health Organization

  1. HIV/AIDS: The Promise and Challenge of a Vaccine
  2. Human Cloning and Protecting the Human Genome
  3. Biological and Chemical Terrorism

International Organization for Migration

  1. Social Development and Migration Development in Afghanistan
  2. Gender and Migration
  3. Addressing trafficking in human beings (THB)
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