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Syria - Political System


Syrian Arab Republic



Government type:

republic under military regime since March 1963

Administrative divisions:

14 provinces (muhafazat)


17 April 1946


13 March 1973


18 years of age

Political Principles:

Syria is a democratic, popular, socialist and sovereign state. Syria is a member of the Union of the Arab Republics. (Art. 1)

The Executive Branch

The Legislative Branch

Geo, climate and culture of the Syrian Arab Republic

Many of the greatest human achievements have their beginning in ancient Syria. It was in Syria that agriculture began ten thousand years ago, that settlement and civilisation emerged. It was also in the region of the present Syria that bronze was invented. Not to mention the first Alphabet, Religions, Language of trade and the System of Urban Development have their origin in the area of Syria. Evidences of these claims were found everywhere in the country. Syria is often described as the largest small country in the world because of its wealth of ancient civilisation. Thus, Syria is often called as the cradle of civilisation. You are able to realise that everyone has two homeland, his own and Syria. 
The Syrian Arab Republic, which is larger than North Dakota and twice the size of Portugal, is bordered by Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey. The country has four geographical regions: a fertile long coastal strip, mountain ranges the cultivated steppes and the stony Syrian desert. Syria has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters, although inland it gets progressively drier and more inhospitable. 
Syria has been an independent nation in modern times since the end of World War II. She gained full independence on 17 April 1946 ceding from French Colonialism Rule. Syria's history is longer than of any country in the world, not least owing to her capital Damascus, possibly the world's oldest continuously inhabited city in the entire world. In the past the nation embraced an area significantly larger than it covers today. Life is different between the country and the biggest cities like Damacus, Aleppo and Hama. Throughout Syria you will find some spectacular ancient and classical sites, with relics left by the Muslim caliphs, the Romans and the Byzantines. She is well known for her ancient city Palmyra and is often called Middle of nowhere, located in the desert. 
The Culture of the Syrian Arab Republic is strongly influenced by Arab traditions and the Islam. Most Syrian Muslims belong to the Sunni sect of Islam, but there are sizeable Shi'ite, Druze and Alawite minorities. The Syrian Arab Republic is a culturally gifted country and has a traditional society. Strong moral and ethical values are placed on family, a high degree on tradition, religion, education and respect.


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