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Position Paper

General Assembly Plenary

  1. Strengthening the Rule of Law 
  2. Global Health Initiatives for Children
  3. Electoral Assistance  

General Assembly Third Committee

  1. Social Development of At - Risk Populations 
  2. The Impact of Globalization on the Rights of Development 
  3. Human Rights and the Existing Forms of Punishment 

Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

  1. Improving the Quality of Life for Marginalized Groups 
  2. Improving Regional Economic Cooperation
  3. Natural Resource Management 

The Johannesburg Summit: The Ten-Year Review of the UN Conference on Environment and Development

  1. Conflict and the Environment
  2. The Convention on Biological Diversity 
  3. Climate Change

Special Session on HIV and AIDS

  1. Children Left Behind: HIV/AIDS, Parental Death, and Living with the Disease
  2. HIV/AIDS in Conflict Zones
  3. The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in the HIV/AIDS Pandemic 

Conference on Disarmament

  1. Transparency in Disarmament 
  2. The Role of the Conference on Disarmament in the Changing Definition of International Security 
  3. Peaceful Uses of Outer Space 

International Conference on Financing for Development

  1. Enhancing the Coherence and Consistency of the International Monetary, Financial and Trading Systems in Support of Development 
  2. Confronting Debt Challenges 
  3. Financial Sector Reform and Resource Mobilization

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

  1. World Food Summit+5: Fostering Political Will to Fight Hunger
  2. International Agricultural Trade 
  3. Biotechnology

Economic and Social Council Plenary

  1. Public Sector Reform in Crisis-Ridden States
  2. Regional Consequences of Narcotics Traffic
  3. Promoting the Right to Education and Literacy 

Commission on Human Rights

  1. Global Fundamental Human Rights: Follow-up to the World Conference on Human Rights
  2. Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflicts
  3. Human Rights for Displaced Persons 

The League of Arab States

  1. Renewing the Middle East Peace Process 
  2. Sustainable Water Management: Ensuring Fair and Equitable Access to Water 
  3. Review of Collective Security Mechanisms in the Middle East 
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